Sensible E-Bike Sales

So you want an e-bike, you’ve decided on the features you want, how much you’d like to pay and now you’re ready to visit your local bike shop and start to look at bikes…. and on most occasions thats all you’ll get to do before you buy the bike- look at it.

Sure you’ll have all the information available to help you make a decision but does it really make sense to spend potentially thousands on something you’ve only looked at!? Would you do the same with a car or motorbike…. probably not!

So we’ve taken a different approach to our e-bike sales to help you make the best decision with a fully validated experience:

1- We will always have e-bikes available to try. They may not necessarily be the exact model you are looking at but riding a e-bike is an immense experience will help you enormously in determining; how pedal assist works and feels, weight, variations in speed control, balance, comfort and range. Equipped thereafter with the technical information we will provide you will have everything you need to know to make the right decision

2- We will help you understand the management of your asset. An e-bike is a serious piece of kit and by looking after it in the right way will maximise the life span it

3- We’ll explain how the hardware and software works including software updates……Yes thats right and e-bike has a computer attached to it (we won’t go all ‘Apple’ on you though we promise)

4- We will walk you through the pro’s and cons. We won’t just tell you all the good bits and hope you never find out about some of the drawbacks. Different systems have different capabilities but the worst case scenario is you finding out once you’ve ridden it away!

5- We will always give you the option to change your mind without any hard feelings-even after test driving your new bike*

6- All of our e-bikes are sold with a free servicing package*

Even if its just information gathering to help you onto the next steps. We’re here to help. We have experience of some of the leading e-bike systems, Brose, Shimano Steps, BAFANG, BOSCH, Yamaha and Fazua…. and you can still try one of our e-bikes out.

So don’t just look at an e-bike and buy it…. come and see us first

*T&C’s Apply

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