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Kona Hei Hei CR/DL 2023

Kona Hei Hei CR/DL 2023

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The Hei Hei CR DL is an enigma of a bike. On the surface it looks like a stealthy XC rig with its 120mm of front and rear travel and gorgeous carbon frame, but when you ride the bike it’s like a whole new world is unlocked. Climbing becomes…fun? Yeah, fun! You’ve heard marketing speak say things like “nimble,” well this is what we’re talking about. This bike likes to dance and you’re gonna want to move along with it. Sure, it’s a steadfast racehorse and has won four 24-hour world championships under Cory Wallace, but it’s also an absurdly fun little machine. Don’t be fooled by what looks like an XC bike on the surface. The Hei Hei CR DL knows how to have a good time and it wants to bring you to the next party.

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